Why You Shouldn’t Skimp On Professional Asbestos Removal

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It’s no secret that asbestos is associated with a raft of health risks. We’re no longer in the dark about what asbestos exposure can lead to, making DIY asbestos removal an extremely unwise choice.

Asbestos handling is no joke. Here at AR Plus, we have specialised equipment and years of experience that allow us to safely remove and dispose of asbestos. Asbestos handling is not just about compliance; it’s about ensuring you and your community are spared from its harmful effects.

Thinking of tackling it yourself? That’s like playing with fire. When it comes to this tricky business, trust the pros… and only the pros.

The Benefits of Professional Asbestos Removal

As professional asbestos removalists, we know the ins and outs of safe asbestos handling. We leave no stone unturned, ensuring every nook and cranny is thoroughly addressed. From testing to disposal, we’ll save you the stress.

We have specialised knowledge of laws and regulations and use rigorous protocols to guarantee a meticulous removal process. We thoroughly assess each site to address potential hazards and create a precise removal plan, preventing harmful fibres from entering the air.

The AR Plus team understand the dangers of asbestos, and we’re here to put your health first.

The Dangers of DIY Asbestos Management

Let’s cut to the chase. DIY asbestos removal is a gamble.

Disturbing asbestos without proper precautions releases microscopic fibres into the air, turning your building into an extreme health hazard. You won’t see the fibres, but you’ll inhale them immediately. This can lead to a raft of health issues, such as respiratory illness, diseases like asbestosis and even the deadly mesothelioma.

However well-intentioned, DIY asbestos removal can unknowingly unleash a silent threat and jeopardise the well-being of everyone in the vicinity.

Asbestos removal should never be one of your DIY projects.

Legal and Regulatory Considerations

Laws and regulations around asbestos removal provide guidance on how to manage the process as safely as possible. At AR Plus, we follow the law to the letter, ensuring we have the correct licenses to manage proper removal and disposal. Ultimately, asbestos laws are in place for your safety.

You may not be aware of the many legal implications of DIY asbestos removal. Don’t risk breaking the rules and landing yourself a hefty fine. Leave it to us; we know our stuff. We’ll get the job done right without inadvertently treading on legal landmines.

Professional Asbestos Removal is a Long-Term Investment

Professional asbestos removal is a smart, long-term investment. Your property stays hazard-free, and if you ever decide to sell, you won’t have asbestos skeletons in your real estate closet. It’s an upfront cost that pays dividends in peace of mind and property value.

We don’t just do a one-time clean-up; we safeguard your property and make it look even better than it was before. Our qualified team can plaster, paint and restore your property, making it look as good as new.

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Q. What is the cost of professional asbestos removal?

A. It really depends on the scale of your project. Once we have tested your property and identified all areas with asbestos, we will provide you with a removal and restoration quote.

Q. What qualifications should I look for in an asbestos mitigation service?

A. Asbestos removalists must be certified in assessing and managing asbestos. They must comply with all Health and Safety regulations and hold a valid asbestos removal license issued by WorkSafe New Zealand. Always check the company’s track record, ensuring they have a history of successful removal projects.

Q. Can I stay in the building while asbestos is being removed?

A. No, we ask that you stay out of the building while asbestos is removed. Even if the asbestos is in good condition, tiny particles can enter the air and immediately put you at risk. Safety is our biggest concern, and we go above and beyond to eliminate risk.

Q. How long does asbestos removal take?

A. Again, this depends on the scale of the project. However, we will provide a timeline for our removal and restoration plan. Rest assured, we’ll work as quickly as possible to reduce downtime.

Q. How do professionals dispose of asbestos?

A. We follow strict protocols to prevent the release of harmful fibres into the environment. All asbestos-containing materials are carefully removed and sealed in leak-tight containers with clear labelling to ensure proper handling and disposal at each stage of the process. We then use licensed carriers to transport asbestos materials to authorised disposal facilities. We also keep detailed records of the disposal process, including the amount of asbestos removed and the disposal location.

Q. How common is asbestos in newer buildings?

A. Although New Zealand has stringent regulations governing the management and removal of asbestos, it’s not entirely unheard of in newer buildings. Renovated buildings appear new but can sometimes retain elements of the original structure. If there’s any possibility of asbestos in your building, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Have one of our team check it out for you.

Concerned there might be asbestos in your building? Don’t wait. Get a professional on the job! Call AR Plus today, or get in touch using the form lower down this page.

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