Residential and Commercial:

*Roofing  * Cladding   *Decks    *Driveways   *Cobbled Areas    *Paths

 Anywhere moss, mould and lichen are present.

You do not need to settle for unwanted moss, algae and mould on your property. At AR Plus, we specialize in the treatment of unwanted growth and mould. Our experienced team can treat existing moss, mould and lichen throughout all affected areas and further safeguard the property for the future.

Leaving moss or mould untreated not only makes your property look run down but also damages the quality of the building. Very difficult to remove on your own (particularly without the right tools), let us do the work for you!

We also offer a system where we can re-coat Decramastic Roof Tiles where asbestos is present, without the need for high pressure washing, which could disrupt the asbestos fibres and put your family at risk of exposure.